Игорь Паламарчук


     «Palamarchuk Architects» was formed in the early 2000s and has been designing residential and office space. Our basic staff: architects Igor Palamarchuk (director), Pavel Mokshanskiy and Vladimir Yartys. For a long time we are engaged in the architecture of individual houses, and, as a rule, consider the project as a single space where landscape, building exterior and interior are solved as a single concept.


     In our main works, we use techniques of modernism, minimalism, and often – the techniques of industrial design, thus creating a modern living environment, individual approach to the choice of materials and resources, highlighting the advantages of the site and external environment.


     Our special attention is given to energy-saving solutions, such as alternative energy sources. We have an experience of successful application of geothermal heat pumps, solar collectors («Berezovka» Project), and energy consumption optimization (project «Michurina-2»).


     Our firm was a winner of the Ukrainian architectural competitions: Grand Prix of «Inter-year» in 2002 and 1st prize of «Art space» in 2013.


     We are the developer of corporate interior style of Oriflame Company, Sweden, with which we have been cooperating for over 10 years. 


Павел Мокшанский

Владимир Яртысь

Igor Palamarchuk


Chief architect,

founder and director of the

Architectural Workshop


Pavel Mokshanskiy


 Senior architect

Vladimir Yartys


Senior architect





- Michurina-2

- Lutezh

- Berezovka

- Stretinskaya

- Pyryatynsky

- Lvov

- Plyuty







- Oriflame offices

- Zemlyanskiy

- Berezovka

- Stretinskaya